Our Production Line


The Steps in our Mill Production Line


  1. Unloading (the wheat from the cargo ships)

    The company has invested in purchasing the most modern cranes for unloading cargo ships, and has had one installed in Mua’la Harbor in partnership with the Harbor Authority.



  1. Initial Cleaning

    • Filters that remove large particles
    • Magnets that remove any metallic bits.
    • A scale that weights the incoming wheat to make sure it is the stated weight. After it is sent to the silos it is stored until it is taken it either sold or further taken through the mill
  3. Filling the Bags

    If the wheat will be sold right away without being ground, then it is cleaned again and sent to a separate facility to be bagged and shipped out.


  4. The Mill Process

    • The wheat is run through another set of magnets, and then is sent to the sixth floor, where it is weighed. Then it is sent to two separate machines to clean it and remove any impurities.

    • Separating the different parts of the wheat and the removed materials.

    • Removing any broken grains and any really small grains.

    • Make the remaining wheat ready for softening.


They are then sent to a machine that determines their moisture percentage using infrared light.

Then the necessary amount of water is added automatically.

Then it is sent through the mill until it is separated and ground. Then the necessary vitamins and minerals are added according to the guidelines World Health Organization.

After everything is done, they are stored in the silos until shipment. The flour is then bagged and shipped out.