Aden Silos & Mills Company

Aden Silos & Mills Company was established in July 1998 as a closed Yemeni joint stock company by a number of investors and senior Yemeni businessmen and financiers. It owns a production line equipped with the latest technologies provided by the Swiss International Buhler Company, we proudly have two quality standards certifications (ISO 9001 | ISO 22000), to meet the needs of the local and regional markets and countries of flour and wheat and their derivatives in production. And in marketing, and the successful choice of the unique location of this giant company - in the economic and commercial capital of the Republic of Yemen.

Working hard to provide you and your family with a high quality premium products.

Our Featured Products

  • High quality red flour - Mixed - (Alhukool Flour)
  • High quality white flour (Almumaiz Flour)
  • Almumaiz Flour for Bakery
  • Al-Mathoon

You can found our products across the Republic of Yemen

Our Highly skills Team

Tons in avareg dailey production

Thousand Tonne is the storage capacity

صوامع عدن